For the last decade, Eastside Tennis Center has been the largest provider of sanctioned junior tournaments and match players for the Pacific NW. We provided these opportunities for all levels of play and in a variety of formats.

Types of Junior Match Plays and Tournament

1) USTA Tournaments (as the Level Number goes lower the player skill level is higher (Level 7 is for beginner/newer player tournaments, Level 6 Intermediate, Level 5 Advanced. Consider avoid Level 5s until you have won a Level 6 or made a few finals. These also count for UTR Player Ratings

PNW USTA Tournament Page

2) UTR (Univeral Tennis) Tournaments and Match Plays. These tournaments formats help match players of similar ratings for more competitive matchup. ETC will often host these in round robin formats where players play multiple matches, win or lose with each match impacting their UTR player rating. These events do not earn USTA points (which help you get into other USTA events that are more competitive to get into). If it is your first UTR event you may be unrated UTR and if so, we will likely be put with players ranged rated 1.0-2.0 (lowest level) until you have results or rating (unless more info is given to tournament director).

3) USTA Jr Team Tennis (currently on pause - email troach@tennisoutreach.org and include that you are interested in more info on Jr Team Tennis when it resumes.

When are the Tournaments:

As you will see below, most of the large events take place from June-August. In addition to those events posted below, we also offer small internal UTR match plays every Sunday. For these internal Sunday events, ETC (including EHP and Team Levels) students generally have opportunity to register first. If a small Sunday event still then has space, we email it out to others.


Tournament Email List

To get on ETC Tournament Director, Travis "Coach" Roach's email list, email troach@tennisoutreach.org and including the players name, date of birth and what level ball there are on, Red, Orange, Green Dot or Yellow ball.

10 & Under Aged Participant Important Info

If you have a 10 & under aged player, it is important to visit/read first the PNW USTA Net Generation Progression page as there are requirements to complete in orange and green dot ball before progression to yellow ball if the child is 10 years old or younger. Note: UTR events, which are all yellow ball, do not have any requirements of orange, green progression before registration.


2022 Upcoming ETC Events Open to All to Apply/Register:

Note: some of these are first come first serve registration and fill very, very quickly (so signup right away). Some of the USTA tournaments, like level 6s and level 5s have a limit is size and if there are more tournament applicants than spots on the registration deadline, the players with the higher USTA tournament point/ranking have priority. Those that don't get in are put on the waiting list and their credit card is not charged and if space opens they are contacted.

Please visit the tournament page and read all the Tournament Info before registration. Also check back there for updates from the tournament director on the tournament as the event approaches..

2022 Upcoming ETC Jr Tournaments & Match Play Schedule

If you are not sure if level is appropriate for your child after reading info above AND after reading info on specific tournament info page link, then email troach@tennisoutreach.org 

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SCROLL DOWN TO SEE ALL ETC JR TOURNAMENTS (sorted by date). All singles unless stated doubles.


Info & Reg
08/25 - 08/28
UTR B&G 1.0-10.0 RR
Closed - Draws posted
08/25 - 08/28
UTR B & G Doubles (All Levels)
Closed - Draws posted
08/29 - 08/29
UTR B&G (1.0-1.5, 1.5-2.0, 2.0-3.0 & 3.0-5.5) Match Play
Open - First come first serve - fun 2-hour format (2 sanctioned matches)
08/30 - 08/30
USTA 10U Green Dot
Open - First 40 to register - includes daytime as most schools have not started on this date
09/02 - 09/04
UTR 1.0-5.0 (Round Robin)
Open - First 40 to register - Fri 4:30pm-Sun 12:30pm - 3 match Round Robin
09/04 - 09/04
USTA 10U Orange
Open First 10 boys and 10 girls - will fill fast likely. 12:30-2:30 boys and 2:30-4:30 girls event