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Tennis Outreach Programs offers our Eastside High Performance (EHP) program with a mission to provide a high standard training environment for junior tennis players who love the game and are willing to advance in the competitive tennis journey through a pathway from Red Ball to High Performance level.  

As students continue their tennis journey and are potentially ready for their first level within the EHP offerings, it is recommendend to schedule an assessment. This can be done by emailing Please include the name of the child, their age, and any tennis background (what color ball have they been training on most recently, any tournament experience, etc).

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AGES 5 -9

Elite Red

Designed for advanced beginner and intermediate players ages 5-9 looking to improve fundamental skills necessary to  participate in tournaments while having fun on court.

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12 & Under

Elite 12 &Under

Designed for 12&Under players who have shown commitment and determination to pursue a competitive tennis pathway.

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Ages 7-10

Elite Orange

Designed for intermediate players ages 7-10 looking to actively participate in Team Challenges, Team Tournaments, Junior Team Tennis and Round Robin Events.

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14 & Under

Elite 14 &Under

Designed for 14&Under  players who are actively participating in sectional tournaments showing commitment, work ethic and desire to progress to the highest level of the sport.

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Ages 12 -14

Elite Green

Designed for players ages 8-12 actively participating in tournaments and have cleared the Orange Ball Youth Progressions level.

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High Performance

Designed for players with a UTR rating of 6.0 or above looking to become collegiate players or to aspire to reach the professionalism.


Samir "Sam" Iftikhar

EHP Head Coach

Julie (1).jpg

Julie Richardson

EHP Coach

Stephanie Quan

EHP Coach

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