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Tennis Outreach Programs offers our Eastside High Performance program with a mission to provide a high standard training environment for junior tennis players who love the game and are willing to advance in the competitive tennis journey through a pathway from Red Ball to High Performance level.  

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AGES 5 -9

Elite Red

Designed for advanced beginner and intermediate players ages 5-9 looking to improve fundamental skills necessary to  participate in tournaments while having fun on court.

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12 & Under

Elite 12 &Under

Designed for 12&Under players who have shown commitment and determination to pursue a competitive tennis pathway.

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Ages 7-10

Elite Orange

Designed for intermediate players ages 7-10 looking to actively participate in Team Challenges, Team Tournaments, Junior Team Tennis and Round Robin Events.

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14 & Under

Elite 14 &Under

Designed for 14&Under  players who are actively participating in sectional tournaments showing commitment, work ethic and desire to progress to the highest level of the sport.

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Ages 12 -14

Elite Green

Designed for players ages 8-12 actively participating in tournaments and have cleared the Orange Ball Youth Progressions level.

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High Performance

Designed for players with a UTR rating of 6.0 or above looking to become collegiate players or to aspire to reach the professionalism.

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Jack Streeter

NET Coach

Wendell Watanabe

NET Program Manager

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