ETC Annual Access Pass

We welcome the community to our public courts with a variety of Annual Access Pass plans for Individuals and Families. 

Frequently asked questions

Why are these plans being added at ETC?

The revenue from these plans directly serve TOPs' mission and provide funding dollars to more directly serve our community members in need (financial assistance, free clothing and/or equipment for families with demonstrated need).

Do annual access plans cover court fees?

No. These are access plans and do not impact court rates or class rates. Many public facilities in our area have annual fees; many in the form of memberships or reservation cards.

Do I need to have an annual access pass to continue to book courts at ETC?

No, you can still reserve courts up to two days in advance without a pass. There are annual
pass options for 7-day advanced reservations.

Do I need to have an annual access pass to participate in ETC Adult or Junior programming or private lessons?

Yes. All programs will require an individual or family access pass. As seen in the table, there
are program only options and access plans that include advance court reservations and early class registration priority.

My family receives financial assistance from TOPs, does my scholarship apply for these plans?


Do I need an annual access plan to be on an ETC adult or junior team?

YES. Any access pass, including the Program Only pass is sufficient to meet the criteria

How long is the annual pass good for?

12 months from the date of purchase. No pausing plans for travel or other reasons.

If I purchase a pass, can I upgrade or downgrade it during the 12 months?

If I purchase an annual pass, can I upgrade or downgrade it during the 12 months?

  • You can upgrade it and pay the difference (without changing your 12-month start date)
  • You can’t downgrade it to a less expensive options. Passes are non-refundable and non-transferrable (including if you move out of area or become injured). At the optional renewal time, you can pick whichever pass fits you best at that time.

If I purchase a family plan, which allow multiple reservations at the same time, can I have more than one under my name or does it need to be a under a different family member’s name?

Family plans are flexible and can be under any person in the family’s name, including
multiple under the same name. These cannot exceed the maximum limits (see chart) at a

Does the person’s name who reserved court need to be present at the time of play?


Can the reservation name be changed after the booking is made?

Yes. However please do not attend to game the system and try to use this as a work around
to exceed court privileges for another person. We will be watching for this and don’t be that

I’m one of the many adult league captains at ETC, do I need to monitor who has an annual access pass?

  • As a captain you will need to let your team know that an access pass is required to be on the team. If ETC has a list of your team members, we’ll let you know any team members who still need to purchase the pass, and request you to follow up.
  • League match courts are auto booked by ETC staff and don’t require an access plan.
  • However, you may want to find out which teammates have 7 day reservation privileges so they may book practice or warm-up courts.