TOPspin Auction 2020

Live Online Auction

September 17, 2020

Starting at 7pm

Silent Auction Open on

September 12, 2020






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Online Bidding with Greater Giving

Watch this video to learn about Online Bidding!

How to Bid with Greater Giving Online Bidding

1. If you have not registered (otherwise skip to no.3): Register your mobile number and credit card information on our registration page in advance of the event. Important: enter your mobile number so that you can be notified about the status of your bid.

         Note: if you are having trouble registering, not getting your verification email, contact us!

                    We will help you finish your registration.

2. When the auction is open, you will receive an automated ‘Welcome’ text with your bidder link.

3. After clicking the link in the text, begin searching for packages by name, number, or category. If you cannot find your link, contact us, give us your name and the email address you created the account with, we will re-send your personal link to you.

4. Select the package you wish to bid on.

5. You can Bid the next increment or Bid More than the next increment

6. If you choose to Bid More you can choose to set your Max Bid. If your max bid is the highest, the system will automatically bid in your favor until you are outbid or until the silent auction closes. If your bid is lower than the highest max bid on that package, you will be prompted to enter a higher bid.

7. To "watch" a package, select the star icon on the package.

8. To make a donation, select the Donation button on your home screen and choose a preset amount or select the Custom Amount button to enter the amount you wish to donate.

9. If you are out-bid at any point before the silent auction closes, you will receive a text message.

10. To view packages you are bidding on, click the menu button and select Bids.

11. To view packages you are watching, click the menu button and select Favorites.

12. Once the auction closes, the guest with the highest bid will win.

13. Under the Bids area you can check your winning packages.

Browse Packages using the menu

Use the        to open the menu for Bids, Favorites, and Categories

Using the magnifying glass         or scroll down to search for Packages

Favorites - Use the star        to save Packages for later viewing

Bids - See Packages that you have bid on already

Act Now - Sort Packages quickly by No Bids, Currently Open, and more.

Tap a Package to place a type of bid

Bid - Place a single bid at the next increment.

Bid More - Place a Max Bid. The system will bid in your favor until you are outbid or the auction closes.

Buy Now - Purchase the Package!

Event Tips
  • For best event experience, we highly recommend that you are using two devices. One device to watch the event through Zoom webinar (tablet or PC with bigger screen is recommended for this), another device to do your online bidding (your phone would do well for this).

  • Join Zoom by clicking the meeting link on your registration welcome letter or by going to and entering in the meeting ID and passcode also found on your registration welcome letter

  • If you failed to get in, try joining zoom through and double check if the meeting ID and passcode is correct

  • To connect to audio, follow these tips

  • If in the middle of the webinar you lose video or sound, leave webinar and get back in

  • Trouble with video? Check the following tips

  • Trouble with audio on IOS or Android? Check the following tips

  • You do not need a webcam to join our Zoom event

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